Farmer harvesting potatoes.

New- Season First Earlies

Available to order now, ready for depatch in June and July.  These delicious  flavoured "New Potatoes" are available for a few weeks only for the months of June and July. The 2nd earlies follow on, so if Epicure is out of stock go to our 2nd earlies page.  They all have interesting names, adding something unique to meals. 

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Epicure 1897 (1.5kg Bag)

Epicure 1897

Available In 1.5kg Bags
Available In 12.5kg Boxes

Our Epicure have been growing really well, and we are now harvesting daily for the months of June and early July.  There is  limited stock available,...
Sharpe's Express 1900 (1.5kg Bag)

Sharpe's Express 1900

Available In 1.5kg Bags
Available In 12.5kg Boxes

Sharpe's Express 1900 is a great tasting new potato with loose skin with an attractive pear shape and bright white flesh.They have a  floury texture,...

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