Carroll's Heritage Potatoes ...Potatoes as they used to be

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a waxy Heritage Potato?
This means the flesh holds its shape, and they are good to use in salads.  The New-season varieties are generally waxy.
Examples: in particular Ratte 1872, and Pink Fir Apple 1850.

Is Salad Blue 1900 a waxy Heritage Potato?
No. The Salad Blue is actually floury.

What is a floury Heritage Potato?
This means the flesh is more floury, and they mash, chip, and bake well.
Examples: Dunbar Rover 1936 Red Duke of York 1942 and Yukon Gold 1980.

Do you add colouring to the coloured varieties like the Highland Burgundy and Salad Blue?
No! The colour is natural, and it is the antioxidants that make the the colour they are. Anti-oxidants have health benefits.

How do you store them over the winter?
We store them in a temperature controlled building.

Why do you sell them muddy?
They keep so much better, and longer when not washed.

How should I store them?
They are best kept in the dark in a cool dry place, preferably at 16°C, kept in paper bags, or box.

How long will they keep?
Kept in the right conditions, the new-season will keep for at least a week. The main crop will keep for 2+ weeks.

What is the difference between the skin finish of the New season, and the main crop?
New-Season have a loose skin that just needs a gentle wash.

Why are the skins flaky on the New-Season?
They are flaky because the skins have not set.

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