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Red Berries in hedge             Crab Apples in Hedgerow


Tiptoe Farm is a LEAF Demonstration Farm with the LEAF Marque accreditation, which  this is the back bone to all our farm practices. We have an annual inspection that takes place to ensure that we are farming in an environmentally friendly way. Some examples of this are the 6 meter grass strips in the fields, with herbs and flower mixtures to encourage bees, and birds. The riverbank is recognised as SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and this means that area is protected. There is fishing on the river Till and this can be described as "wild" and is managed accordingly.

Environmental History

In 2000 we began the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

In 2005/ 06 we were Finalists in the "LEAF Marque Grower of the Year" Competition sponsored kindly by Waitrose.

In early September 06 Tiptoe Farm won the the overall "Most Beautiful Farm in Britain"  This was awarded for all the water and soil management work, as well as all the measures put in place to encourage wild life , flowers, and bird life. Click here for more details.

River Till

 The River Till Surrounded by Woodland

  • In 2007 we began work on the restoration and development of a Mill Pond area.
  • The woodlands have been graded as A & SNW (Ancient & Semi Natural Woodlands) We have a responsibility to manage, which we do by looking after the trees that are there, and by planting more.
  • In April 2008 we were so pleased, and grateful to welcome  3 knowledgeable volunteers  from the RSPB  Volunteer and Farmer Alliance, to help us begin  a valuable Bird Survey. The results which were finalised in September 2008 showed us that we have many species of birds on the farm, including some of High Conservation concern, including Song Thrush , Yellow Hammer and Willow TitGrower of the Year Awards Finalist. We now need to ensure we increase these species as well as continue to encourage more.
  • In September 2008 Terry Laybourne, a celebrity North East chef  from 21 Hospitality Group, Newcastle upon Tyne, opened Tiptoe Farm as a LEAF Demonstration Farm. We are now able to host official visits, helping people to learn and understand farming methods and the way we look after the land. LEAF has helped us to structure the visits, and produce literature. Inforamtion on some of the last visits click here.
  • Plans for 2009 / 2010 We spent our time consolidating on the work done so far and maintain what we have developed. We encourage groups (of up to 25) to visit , although we are limited to only four visits a year, so you need to plan ahead if you would like to visit.


  • In 2010 we began the Higher Level Entrance Scheme, which follows on from the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, and shows our commitment to farming to the highest environmental standards.
  • In 2010 we became Red Tractor Accredited

    What is Red Tractor Assurance and why is it important?

    The Red Tractor is a food assurance scheme which covers production standards developed by experts on safety, hygiene, animal welfare and the environment amongst other things.

    We all want to know that the food we are buying is safe and this only comes from knowing where the raw ingredients come from and the standards to which they are produced, which is why all suppliers in the Red Tractor food chain are inspected and certified by an independent professional body. The Red Tractor certifies that food has been produced to independently inspected standards right across the food chain – from farm to pack.
  • 2012/ 2013 We have begun work on a dedicated Office space and Education Room for the LEAF visits, and we hope to begin to use this in early 2013.
  • 2013


Six metre strips in field        Rowan Berries in Hedgerow

Farma Northumbria Larder Finalist Best Producer 2009

Member of the Farm Retail Association and Northumbria Larder, LEAF tracks number 25027,
Grower of the Year finalist 2006, Observer Best Producer award winner 2009

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